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What we do

Father Muller’s – a poor man’s hope

In Father Muller Hospital, 750 beds are designated as free beds. To the patients admitted on these beds, even food is provided free. All services including surgeries are done free. For the year 2009-2010 the free care provided to the poor patients in the Hospital amounted to Rs.4,17,18,657/-. This is a huge amount to be spent by the Hospital for the benefit of the poor patients admitted in the Hospital.

Out Patient Services :

In the Out-Patient Department, on an average per day about 1,000 patients are getting the benefit of free or highly subsidized consultation service. For the first visit if Rs.20/- are paid, the patient can see any number of doctors, not only that day but for the whole month any number of OPD visits and consultation with any speciality or physicians.

Poor Patients Fund :

The Management has set up various funds like the Cancer Patients Fund, Snake Bite Fund, Mother Teresa Fund, Lawrence Fernandes Foundation Fund for the treatment of renal failure patients, Leprosy Relief Fund, Vailankanni Poor Patient Fund, Psychiatry Poor Patient Fund, etc. to assist poor patients coming to the Hospital. These funds are built up by the contribution of people of goodwill and also sometimes the patients and their relatives contribute to these funds.

Out-reach programme :

The Institution has set up three urban health centres to provide medical care to the poor people in the urban area. The doctors and other para-medical staff from the hospital are posted to these centres and services of the medical personnel are made available round the clock. Even medicines are given free of cost to these patients.

There are seven rural health centres managed by the Institution. In these centres also the medical and nursing personnel of the hospital provide their service to the patients. Besides these, Homoeopathic Medical College is also conducting 10 health clinics in the rural areas taking medical care to the door steps of the people.

People of goodwill are invited to assist the Institution in carrying out this mission of healing and comforting the sick people, specially the poor and the marginalized. Besides the curative care, a number of health awareness programmes are conducted not only in the Hospital but also at various centres of the Districts of Udupi, South Kanara and Kasargod. Health check up camps are conducted regularly in the remote and rural areas to provide care to the people. In fact in the year 2009, more than 25,000 patients were provided free care by conducting health check up camps in distant areas.

Freeship to deserving students :

1. Every year not less than 10 nursing students and 5 students each of all para-medical courses are offered full freeship. This enables them to get education free of cost.

2. 20% seats of medical, nursing and para-medical courses are reserved for economically poor section of the society. For these, fees are charged at a highly subsidized rate. In fact it is 25% of the normal fees. This puts a huge financial burden on the Institution. However, the Institution is meeting its social obligation at a great cost.

Rehabilation Services

The rehabilation unit became functional in th eyear 1965.This was mainly started as an occupational therapy for the patients disfigured by Leprosy.The Rehabilation unit provides them work with sofr and smooth materials, causing no damage to them.This therapy really helps them to regain their sense of achievement and confidence.

The Rehabilation unit produces beautiful block printed bed spreads and silk shawls , lovely wall hangings , scarves and greeting cards with batic work on them and exquisitely prepared toys.A printing press is alos a part of the Rehabilation unit.the people working here spend their time making letter heads , invitations, envelopes and other material that are required in the hospital.

Leprosy work is not merely medical relief .It is transforming frustration in life into the joy of dedication , personal ambition into selfless service. The man with leprosy already suffers on account of his illness and segregation from society.Therefore one should not add to his misery.

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A Night at the Imperia

'Off Broadway Show - Late Night Catechism'

Laugh your sins off with the interactive '*Far Funnier Than Nunsense' Show

Book signing by John Perides, author of Home Cooking Parties

Formal dinner and dance

Boogie away with live band entertainment

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Where: The Imperia1714 Easton Avenue, Somerset, NJ 08873
When: Saturday, September 27, 6:00PM

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Father Patrick's Itinerary

August 27: Arrive in Philadelphia

August 28 & 29: One on one meetings in Philadelphia

August 30: Lunch reception at Westchester (PA)

August 31: Mass and Lunch in Washington D.C.

September 1: Private luncheon/dinner in New York

September 2: Meeting with Catholic Charities in New York

September 3 & 4: Private meetings in Tufts/Boston

September 5: Visit hosiptals in Toronto

September 6: Mass and Lunch at Monti Fest

Sunday Sept. 7: Mass and Lunch in Toronto

September 8: Montifest in Toronto

September 13: Lunch reception in Detroit

September 14: Mass and lunch in Cincinnati

Friday, Sept. 18: Private meetings in Cincinnati

September 20: Lunch and meetings in Miami

September 21: One on one meetings in Ft. Lauderdale

September 23: Private meetings in New York

September 24: Hospital visits in North Jersey

September 27: 'A Night at the Imperia' - Inauguration (Click here for details)

September 28: Close-out mass in Washington D.C.

September 29: Close-out in Philadelphia

Down the years: A look at our History

The Beginnings:

In 1880 Fr. Augustus Muller, a German native, came to Mangalore, a bucolic town in India, as a part of a Jesuit missionary group. Mangalore was a promising port town showing potential in international trade, but most of the surrounding areas were impoverished farming communities. Fr. Muller who had a background in homeopathic medicine, noticed that there was almost no access to medicine or healthcare for most of the natives. Initially, he would to sit under a large tree in a place called Kankanady, see sick children and dispense homeopathic medicine. Word spread and soon he was curing poor adults. His work for the poor continued and his place under the banyan tree transformed into a hospital. Today this hospital boasts of a nursing college, a medical school, homeopathic college and a full service hospital.

The New Millennium:

Presently the hospital organization, which is commonly known as Fr. Muller’s Charitable Institutes is owned and managed by the Diocese of Mangalore, headed by the Bishop Dr. Aloysius D’Souza. The focus still remains health care for the poor and staying true to Fr. Muller’s mission of “Heal & Comfort”.

The governing council of Fr. Muller Charitable Institutes and the Bishop of Mangalore through the Director of the Institutes has brainstormed various options to continue funding this charitable work. One of the ideas was to start a foundation in the USA to create an awareness of the Fr. Muller mission and solicit corporate and individual donors. In July of 2008, Father Muller Charitable Foundation USA was incorporated in the State of New Jersey. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is expected to grant the foundation a Tax Exempt status in the near future.

The Foundation:

Father Muller Charitable Foundation USA, will remain an independent entity managed and run by its Chairman and trustees complying with all the civil, tax and fiduciary laws of the State of New Jersey and all other appropriate laws of the USA. All funds raised by the Foundation will be disbursed as per the by laws and U.S. Department of Treasury rules, regulations and stipulations. At the time of incorporation no goals or timelines were set for achieving any financial milestones.


Father Muller is an established brand in health care for people in and around the City of Mangalore, India. The main objective of these institutes still remains healing and comforting the poorest sick. The US Foundation trustees will assist the Institutes in fund-raising and transfer of medical technology, etc.

The hopes and dreams of the U.S. Foundation trustees is to continue the work of their ancestors who came before them, and who brought the Father Muller mission to our generation. The Foundation will keep the flame of the mission burning for our progeny year after year.